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Taylor Swift is in Las Vegas to perform at the iHeartRadio Music Festival and she did an amazing job! Jay caught up with her and she chatted about possibly dropping her country roots, being a role model for younger women and more. (x)

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My story of going to Taylor’s house, listening to 1989, and meeting her for the first time. Enjoy :)

Tonight I got to have a once in a lifetime opportunity. …I hung out with Taylor Swift at her LA house. This was my first time ever meeting her after being a fan for 6 years and seeing her 11 times. Before I go into the details for that I’ll start from when I was chosen.

Tuesday, September 16th I got a call from Taylor Nation saying I was chosen to attend a “top secret exclusive event” in LA on Saturday the 19th.  That’s about all the information I was given. I had NO IDEA what was happening and I could not tell anyone. All they said was to meet a location at a certain time and we would be transported to a second secret location. I had no idea what to expect! I was already planning on spending the weekend in Vegas because had tickets to go to the iHeart Radio Music Festival on Friday (the night before!), so after confirming with her management that I would be able to attend I quickly canceled the extra nights I had booked in Vegas and planned to leave Vegas Saturday morning to make it to LA in time.

So after attending the iHeart Radio Music Festival (which was AMAZING by the way), I woke up early and drove home to LA. Around 4:30 pm I met at the first location where I checked in with her management (who are some of the nicest people I have met!), was scanned by security and loaded onto a bus. There were about 20 people in total on my bus and about another 15 or so on a bus behind ours. After waiting around for a bit, we left the parking lot and headed on a road. No one knew were we were going, but as we got closer, I noticed that the neighborhood we were in looked a lot like where Taylor lives. (I had seen pictures of her LA house and had driven by it once before so I knew what it looked like).

After about a 20-minute drive, we pulled up to Taylor’s house and everyone on the bus was going crazy. I was on the first bus and after we exited the bus and we walked up her driveway to be scanned by security again. After that we were led into her backyard where there was a ton of food. Everything from pizza, sushi, chicken, vegetables, Smart Water, Diet Coke, cookies, and brownies. Tree Paine and a few other of her management were hanging out back there too. In the backyard there was a really cool old green bike and there was also a ton of seating areas and a fireplace. After eating in her backyard for about 20 or 30 minutes we were told to head inside.

We all took a seat in her living room. There were 2 couches, some pillows on the floor, and some chairs/benches set up to sit on. Her house is so gorgeous! There were photos of her with her friends and family everywhere. There was also a bunch of old frames and mirrors and little collectables around the room. She also had these really pretty curtains hanging over all the windows. I luckily got a seat right in the front row right by the chair we assumed Taylor would be sitting. After about 5 minutes Scott and Andrea came in and a few moments later Taylor walked in.

I was shocked and started crying. I had never been that close to her and she was literally an arms length away. She greeted everyone and then sat in the chair to tell us why we were here. She said over the past few months, since before she announced the album, she had been planning this event and picking people she wanted to invite. Then she told us she wanted to play us the whole album! Everyone in the room went insane and almost everyone was crying. Her team then brought out boxes of tissues and everyone took some. So then Taylor took out her iPhone (which has a pegacorn case on it that she got at TopShop in London- she told us it’s new), and plugged it into some speakers. She said we were going to listen to the album in order by track.

Before she played each song she talked for 3-5 minutes about the meaning of each song and the process of writing that song. You can tell she was so proud and excited to play us each song. Now I cannot talk about the specifics of the songs or lyrics, but lets just say I LOVED every song and cannot wait for it to come out.  It is definitely different from every other album (in a good way!). The lyrics are amazing and there was not one song I did not like!

During the songs Taylor kept looking over at me and smiling. It’s like she recognized me or something. (we will get into the later :) )

After Taylor played 5 songs, she said it was intermission time. We were able to use the restroom, get a snack, and some water. Taylor then went into her kitchen and brought out a tray of delicious cookies. They were pumpkin chocolate chip and oh my were they good. (I had 2 :) ). Then I was hanging out in her hallway with some other fans and Taylor brought out Olivia and passed her to a girl standing right by me. Everyone was petting her and Olivia would just fall asleep in your arms and wake up when we would pass her to the next person. Someone asked about Meredith, so Taylor went into the bedroom and brought her out (YES SHE IS ALIVE, I saw her!!). Meredith DOES NOT like to be held and Taylor said that’s why we never get pictures of her and that she has to stay in her carrier when Taylor travels, so that’s why she only holds Olivia. Meredith started to go crazy as Taylor held her and ended up scratching Taylor’s hand so Taylor put her back in the room and shut the door. 

After that we all went back into the living room and Taylor said it was time to play the last half of the album. As she was playing every song she was mouthing the words and dancing crazy in her chair. She keep doing all these hilarious dance moves and a few times I looked back at Scott and he was just laughing and shaking his head. Haha it was too funny! After she played all the new songs you could tell she was so proud and asked “did you lke itttt?” and we all screamed yes. She also played one of the voice memos and it was hilarious! I can not wait to hear the other ones! It was also cool to see the process she goes through when writing a song. Then she said something along the lines of now let’s Shake It Off. She put on the song and everyone started dancing with her. Like I had a dance party with Taylor Swift in her living room! Is this for real? Can I say this?? My dream in life has been to awkwardly dance with Taylor and last night that dream finally dame true. She has got some moves! Haha

So after that Taylor said it was time to take some pictures, so she put her phone on shuffle to play some songs and Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle” came on. Now Taylor said in the Rolling Stone article that she knew every word to this song and listened to it, and I can confirm this is 113% too. She was screaming the lyrics and everyone in the room was dancing/singing along. Taylor’s dance moves were EVERYTHING. I can now say I rapped with Taylor Swift and danced in her living room with her. WHAT?? Scott and Andrea were also still in the room just laughing. It was hilarious!

After this, Taylor said okay nowww its time for pictures and left her phone on shuffle playing her playlist. She has really good music on there! She then headed into her hallway with some of her awards (a Grammy and a MTV Award) and we all got in a line to wait our turn. I was in the back of the line, so while I waited I just talked with some of the other fans and looked at all the pictures in her room.

Then Mama Swift came by with a Polaroid camera to take selfies with us. I was so excited to meet her and she is so sweet. She said she has mastered taking a selfie because she has to take so many at Taylor’s concerts. I talked to her for a little bit and then Papa Swift came by and we talked for a few minutes also. He is so funny, let me tell you!

I loved waiting in line and seeing everyone meet Taylor. A lot of people had never met her (myself included) so it was so great seeing their reactions. Taylor had a bunch of awards, tea cups, books, ect on a counter next to where we were taking pictures, so sometimes Taylor would pick something up and say you want a picture with this?

When it was my turn I walked up to her, hugged her, and just started crying. I could not even get words out. I was just babbling. I told her I loved her and have been a fan for 6 years. She said she knew me from Instagram and she was so glad I was there because she loves seeing my pictures all the time and then she said she was hopping she would get to meet me soon. Then I said I was at iHeart last night and she was so excited and said she hope I enjoyed the show. She then asked if she wanted to take a picture and I said of course! So she’s like what do you want our pose to be? I told her to choose, so she said lets lean against my doorway with our hands on each other’s shoulders. She then said this will be our “cool best friend pose”. I then thanked her again for everything and gave her another hug. After this I was walking away and waved back and she said “see you on the Internet”! It was so cute!

Then I headed outside and was handed a gift bad, which had 3 shirts, a keychain, and 2 calendars. We were the searched by her team again before heading on the bus.

I cannot thank Taylor, her parents, and her management for everything. The fact that Taylor hand choose most of the fans (and most had never met her before), wanted us all to hear her album before it is released, and invited fans to her house blows my mind. I will never forget this night and how extremely generous Taylor is. I am sure I missing a bunch of details, but I just cannot believe this happened to me. I never thought it would, so please it you have never met her never ever give up. I love you taylorswift and thank you for everything!


** I cannot believe I just wrote my story about meeting Taylor. I have read so many other fan’s stories before and I NEVER imagined I would get to write my own. If you have questions I will be more than happy to answer them as long as they are not specific about songs/lyrics/ect. 


current status: ready to drop everything and fly anywhere in the country if I get invited to a 1989 listening party

Same. I’ll fly from Iceland to the US if I get an invite. I would seriously LEAVE everything behind. Jump on a PLANE wearing PAJAMAS and no make up just to hang out with taylorswift and her cats. IF ONLY THAT COULD HAPPEN.
Jennifer Lawrence came into Taylor [Swift’s] dressing room at the IHeartRadio Music Festival and was praising her.
— Andrea Swift (Taylor’s mom)


yeah but can we talk about how Sweeter Than Fiction is totaly 80s pop and then it becomes the recurring theme of 1989!? Like SHE WARNED US.

In which Taylor nearly trips AGAIN.

Taylor participated in Alicia Keys’ #WeAreHere movement! Learn more about it here


okay so I’ve known for a while that John Mayer has a house around where I live, like as in IN THE SAME TOWN lmao just kinda out in the valley a bit
but apparently he’s like AROUND???
my dad told me he goes to this one bar in town and just shows up and gets on stage w/ a guitar and starts being John Mayer
and I’m like imagining myself being in the bar w/ my “Taylor Swift or die” t-shirt on and making eye contact with John Mayer